Made in Germany

What does Polytex do?

Everything from one source

All are carried out in modern production facilities.
Polytex also has its own Research and Development working steps such as extrusion, finishing and tufting as well as the final coating and end inspection Department to continuously improve its products.

The company employs around 170 people who produce nearly four million square metres of flooring per year.

In addition to the production of sports and recreational flooring, Polytex specialises in the marketing of its own masterbatches. Masterbatches are used in nearly every area of the plastics and automotive supply industries.

“The entire production is in our hands: from research and development to the smallest production step. This is unique in our industry all over Europe!”


1995 Polytex Sportbeläge Produktions-GmbH is founded on the premises of an old textile factory in Grefrath in the lower Rhine region. Initially, the ten employees concentrated mainly on the tufting of flooring. In the following years production steps are added.
1996 Polytex expands its portfolio to texturing, i.e. the finishing of threads.

2003 Thanks to the first in-house coating plant, the flooring can now also be coated after completion. Polytex now employs 50 people.
2006 Polytex commissions the first extrusion plant in order to produce threads independently. Initially these were monofilaments, i.e. thread made up of a single ply.
2007 A second extrusion line follows, this time with integrated wrapping.

2010 A new extrusion plant with integrated texturing brings further technical progress.
2013 The first masterbatch extrusion plant is purchased and expanded the following year. Polytex has grown continuously over the years: The premises have been expanded several times and now, 140 employees ensure a smooth production process.